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Ocean of Spirit is a palm-sized art book containing a single poem. Each line of the poem is on it's own page which opens out in a unique way, illustrating the metaphor and to encouraging the reader to slow down... taking the poem in one line at a time.

The first 50 books were given to be re-gifted in a constant wave of giving. The idea was for each book to be enjoyed by as many people as possible through re-gifting. Unfortunately, it seems that many people did not remember to re-gift and it only took one person to "break the chain" for each book David made.

In 2015 David started to read the teachings of Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj from the book "I am That" and he started to practice the "I am" sense that this guru recommends. It is a form of non-dual devotional practice. One of the things that Nisargadatta teaches is that anything that you intend to be a spiritual practice is effective! The intention holds the power. This teaching has inspired David to offer this art book as a form of meditative, spiritual practice. It will reinforce the ancient insight of universal unity in your consciousness as you become free of the ego’s illusions. Take a slow, mindful breath or two after turning each page, staying aware of the mind as it contemplates Unity through metaphor.

David has self-published a book titled Faith to Practice, now available in its Kindle Edition. The paperback edition will be available soon.

The art book and a collection of 51 of David's other poems are now available for sale. In addition, the collection of poems is available as a free downloadable eBook on our store page.

David has a blog about his experiences and ideas including some book and website reviews.

Thanks go out to Jan Passion for his generous donation of $50. He is our first donor!


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