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Evolving Perceptions - sampler

These are just a few of the 50 poems from the book.


Entertain ego
Retreat with some mosquitoes
Tent sanctuary


Anyone can judge

will you forgive?

Most can forgive

some of the time

Will you forgive yourself


Forgiveness opens to love

love accepts

Love and accept yourself

and the rest will follow

When you choose

to stop judgment

Pure acceptance

leaves nothing to forgive

Live let love

in peace

Universes Come and Go

Pan universal consciousness
with unified awareness
Entertaining the objective
Teaming with energy
a froth of space-time
is liken to the breath of a sleeping giant
automatic, effortless

Out of the froth springs a universe
born in an instant
very partially
quite temporarily

From the moment of birth
each manifest fragment
is drawn back to the One
Atoms joining into elements
as star dust raining down on cooler bodies
Throbbing with the energy of love lost
with a yearning to end separation from the Source
Elements joining into molecules
Molecules joining to give birth to life
Consciousness with a mind
a heart
a soul
facilitating the journey
Each mind receiving
the thoughts
of the One

Pin pricks of life
in a vast velvet fabric of space-time
through which consciousness perceives the manifest
After billions of orbits of billions of planets
enlightened fragments are still reuniting
Realizing they were never really separate
In the subjective adventure
of manifestation

In the end
entropy takes care of the rest
The cause of illusion is gone
Nothing can resist
the pull back to the Source
Unity is inevitable

And the froth keeps burbling
fragments of consciousness
Universes manifesting like flakes of dandruff
itched off the head of a sleeping giant
floating on a breeze
some drawn right back into his mouth in the next breath
some joining with nutrients in the ground
feeding plants in his garden
to be eaten later
but always rejoining
Nothing ever created
All is transforming

Always returning from whence we came



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