Starting a new chapter in my life

I originally posted this on before I decided to serve this blog on my own site.
I am moved to devote myself to serving “others.” The quotes are needed because we are a part of a unified whole.
I see our world in crisis, caused by fundamental problems with our spiritual assumptions, cultural norms and economic systems. But I also see an accelerated shift in consciousness that holds the promise of ushering in a new era of peace.
We live in a world of abundant resources, when we compare them to our actual needs to live happy, loving lives. The structures and assumptions of civilization are no longer sustainable. We must transform our paradigms to reduce the pain and suffering that will be caused by the engines of exponential growth that are reaching their limits.
Technological progress is accelerating. Some portend a world unimaginably different within the coming 2 decades, if civilization survives. Will we use the fantastically powerful technologies we are researching and creating today to make the world a more peaceful, happy place? I doubt it. True happiness is found within. Will we use these technologies wisely, to conserve and sustain our natural environment? Maybe, but only if we change. Today, our technology (over) use more often destroys.
I’ve given most of my professional life to developing software that saves people time. It was meaningful work for me when I started. But times have changed and thank God, so have I!
My calling is clear: find the ways that I can help us through this unprecedented era shift. Follow my heart, which is guiding me to give of myself and trust that God will provide everything I need.
Initially, I will be spending my time exploring opportunities to continue my spiritual practices (I meditate twice a day) while giving of myself doing things I love. These include caring for young children, teaching (reiki, sailing, windsurfing, skiing, unicycling, cooperative sports), writing poetry and songs. I’ve also started to write a book to be titled “Faith Foundations.” 
Update: the book is now published! Check it out at “Faith to Practice: Foundations of Happiness.”

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