Camp site

In case you have never been to the lake, the main image for this website is taken from the dam. It is  a beautiful and quiet place!

This is going to be a primitive camping experince. Please review the “leave no trace” camping guidelines before you come. In particular, there is no outhouse so we will be digging cat holes!

The camp site for the Boston Lot Lake Meditation Retreat is to the left of this sign at the top of the main access trail to the lake:

Large Meadow Camp site

Google Map of Camp site (labeled with a B)

It is a beautiful meadow with a fire pit and plenty of space for our tents and meditation gazebo:





One thought on “Camp site

  1. Gail

    Wayne and I walked up there yesterday and it was beautiful! Lots of birds singing. I spotted a Veery on the forest floor, a rare siting. Would bringing binoculars for close-up bird watching be okay on a retreat, do you think? Another item for the to-bring list might be a tarp to sit and eat on.

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